Baking Coordinator Needed for Asbury Cafe

Baking Coordinator Needed:

Astonishing fact - Asbury Cafe has been running for 60 years. In the past 60 years over $1.5 million has been donated to organizations that feed the hungry of Albuquerque. About 25 years ago, St. John's became involved in the Asbury Cafe. Up to this year, the people that started coordinating 25 years ago were still the coordinators at St. John's. This charity needs new coordinators to continue.

The NM State Fair and Asbury Cafe will run from September 9-19, and there are still many volunteer roles for anyone wanting to help. This year there is no Baking Coordinator. This means that making pies, freezing pies, baking pies, and coordinating freezer storage is a waste because the pies will not get to the NM Fairgrounds.

The role of Baking Coordinator, which can be a team effort, can be further explained by Dave Young. Some of the duties involve:

  • Calling volunteers who signed up to bake and assigning pie types.

  • Handing out frozen pies to volunteers.

  • Being at St. John's, in the evenings, to organize the freshly baked pies that are dropped off.

Please talk with Dave Young about your interest in becoming a coordinator.

email: | phone: 505-715-2030

Additional Volunteer Roles Include:

  • Pie Party Helpers - Tuesday mornings, 8:30a.m. - 10:30a.m. from July 6 - August 17 in the FLC/Kitchen. Due to a schedule conflict, there will be no pie party on Tuesday, July 27.

  • Freezer Space for Pie Storage - Contact Jenn Shields

  • Workers at Asbury Cafe - Sign up every Sunday in August - East parking lot

  • Pie Bakers - Sign up every Sunday in August - East parking lot

  • Pie Collectors - Sign up every Sunday in August - East parking lot

Please email Dave Young or call 505-715-2030, or email Jenn Shields or call 505-450-9978 if you are interested in any of these volunteer positions.

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