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Reflections: 5/8/22

Reflections on last Sunday’s Sermon (5/8/22): Acts: Previews of Coming Attractions

Each week Pastor Tiffany Hollums reflects on the Sunday sermon, and includes questions and a prayers for the congregation to reflect more deeply on the message.

Read the text from last Sunday’s sermon | Acts 9:36-42

We are inspired and humbled by the life of Dorcas-

A woman who gave in simple ways to those in need.

She used simple things and skills to care for the least-

And they, in turn, were deeply touched.

She expected no praise and blessed so many who needed love. She was an ‘ordinary saint’.

And there are ‘ordinary saints’ around us who live and give in ways reminiscent of Dorcas-writing notes to the lonely, visiting the sick, creating prayer shawls, feeding the hungry, and cooking meals for grieving families. They serve quietly, faithfully, and with great love.

Reflection Questions

Who are the ordinary saints around you-serving quietly…giving selflessly?

  1. Take some time in the next few weeks to notice those who serve quietly around you-in your home, stores, schools, and community. Find a way to simply thank them.

  2. Who are the ordinary saints here in our church family at St. John’s UMC? Over the summer we would like to share the ways some of these quiet saints are serving during our invitation to give. If you would like to ‘nominate an ordinary saint’-please email Pastor Tiffany with info at

  3. Pray about ways in which God might be guiding you to serve in quiet ways-helping others, seeing the vulnerable, using resources and gifts you have allready.

Let Us Pray

Gracious Lord,

You have given to us beyond what we could ever repay-

You bless us with gifts we often take for granted.

Help us to live a life of service-giving to help others in simple ways.

Let us be led by your Spirit and inspired by your love.

And grow us to be humble saints who serve you and others.


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