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St. John's Columbarium & Prayer Garden

Visiting Hours:

Please enter through the church office to access the garden

Monday - Thursday from 9AM - 4PM

Friday from 9AM - 12PM

The Prayer Garden provides a peaceful surrounding for our columbarium. With its gently flowing walkways and the quiet simplicity of a country garden, the space offers a place to sit quietly and enjoy the serene setting for prayer and meditation. The walks are bordered by attractive pavers that can be engraved to memorialize the passage of a loved one interred elsewhere, or to commemorate a person or event.


The Columbarium is a  beautiful granite structure located in our Prayer Garden, which contains a vault of niches, each of which holds the cremains (burial ashes) of up to two people.

With the rising costs of plots at cemeteries, more people are viewing cremation as an alternative that reflects Christian Stewardship. The columbarium is located in the Prayer Garden at St. John's United Methodist Church in Albuquerque, with the idea to "Rest Where You Worshipped". The Prayer Garden is a peaceful space where family members can visit the resting place of their loved one whenever they wish.

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Benefits of Keeping a Loved One in the St. John's Columbarium

  • Simplicity: The church provides brass urns for 8 inch niches (but not for the 12 inch niches) and faceplate engraving. The family takes care of cremation.

  • Cost effectiveness: Cemeteries charge more for the same service.

  • Convenient visitation to the resting place. A keypad code is provided to people who own niches so they can visit their loved one at any time.

  • The final resting place is where this person worshipped.

  • Family members who worship here can conveniently visit each week after service. The beautiful garden and the constant activities going on in the church keeps the departed family member close to us.

  • It is not necessary to be a member of St. John's to have a niche. It is a service to the community to provide cost-effective internment (burial) close to home.

Cost of Columbarium Niche

$1,000 for 8x8 inches:

  • Includes up to 2 simple urns and faceplate engraving. The family must have the body cremated and brought to St. John's.

$1,500 for 12 x 12 inches:

  • This includes faceplate engraving and the family must have the body cremated and brought to St. John's Urns are not provided by the church with the large niche.

Red Flowers


  • Memorial pavers border the edges of the garden, and can be engraved with the names and dates of people buried elsewhere.

  • Other pavers honoring people who have not passed, or commemorating an event, can be engraved in the Prayer Garden Circle.

  • A $200 donation is requested.

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