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Childcare at St. John's

The purpose of our church childcare is to provide exceptional care in a safe, well- staffed, loving environment that empowers parents to freely worship with total confidence in the care their little ones are receiving. St. John’s childcare program is staffed by paid, experienced workers who have passed a national background check and are certified annually in our churches Safe Sanctuary Policy. Click here for more information on our Health and Safety Policies for the children in our care.


We believe in loving God, loving others, and changing lives. We believe that the Bible should be exciting and never boring, worship can be fun, and that relationships are key. We want kids to be a big part of our United Methodist Church Family which is filled with adventure, love, hope, and joy in the midst of everyday life.

Elementary Kids Worship

During the 9:30 worship hour kids will meet upstairs in the Children’s Area after checking in. We will sing songs, hear a bible story, and play some games.

You, the parents, will come pick-up your elementary age children at the end of the worship service from their classroom. If you attended an earlier service, be sure to pick up a doughnut (or coffee for the parents) and have a blessed week! If you attend the 11:00 am traditional service as a family, there will be a children’s bulletin kids can follow while you worship together as a family.

Newborn to Pre-K Kids

Younger children (newborn to pre-K) will still be cared for in their small group classrooms during the entire 9:30 worship service. We go beyond basic childcare for all of our little ones. They, too, will sing songs, hear a bible story, make something, and have fun! You will drop them off and pick them up in their classroom upstairs at the end of the service, just like always.

Do You Have a Check-in System?

All children need to be checked in at the Children's Welcome Desk located in the Children's Area. We have volunteers to guide you through this process and all of your information will remain private and secure.

Child Health & Safety Policies

Masks are currently REQUIRED for all children ages 2-12.

Well Child Policy

We request that children not be brought to childcare if they have suffered from any of the following symptoms in the past 24 hours:

  • Fever

  • Nausea or upset stomach, possibly including diarrhea and/or vomiting

  • Discharge in or around the eyes and/or pink eye

  • Contagious or questionable rash

  • Excessive coughing

  • Any communicable disease

  • If your child is being treated with an antibiotic, they should have received treatment for at least 24 hours before coming to nursery. If your child becomes ill while in nursery, you will be notified promptly. For your child’s protection, we ask our nursery staff to follow these same guidelines.


Staff are not permitted to administer any medications. We ask that all parents/guardians provide their children with the necessary medications. For more immediate and necessary medications such as Epi-Pen or inhalers, please contact the Director of Children and Family Ministries, Therese Macali at

Snack Policy

We offer a variety of child-friendly snacks to your child during worship. Parents may wish to bring a snack for their child to eat; however, due to the sensitive nature of food allergies, we ask that no nut products be brought to our nursery. Parents are free to bring in snacks for the entire class and we just ask that all items are individually wrapped.

Health & Safety Policies
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