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Counseling at St. John's

Susan Brumbaugh, MA, LMHC

Does pain, stress, worry, sadness, or fear have you feeling stuck? Desperate? Alone? There is nothing wrong with you, and nothing about you needs to be fixed. You have strengths to draw from and values that can motivate and guide you toward a future worth having.

My goal as a counselor is to create a space where you feel safe saying out loud all of the jumbled-up or self-critical thoughts going on in your head. Together we can change your relationship with the things that trouble you and identify strategies that help you live a rich, full, and meaningful life. Working with you to help you stop struggling and suffering would be an honor.


About Me

For most of my life, I've been that person friends go to when they need to talk something through. Nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than to be able to listen to someone with my whole heart and offer a different perspective. After much soul searching, I went back to school for a master's in counseling to fulfill a calling I have always sensed.

I'm a meditator, musician, parent, spouse, daughter, cat fosterer, book lover, and I'm known for organization at work and piles of clutter at home.