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Social Concerns Committee Call to Action: Vote


"We declare that all individuals, no matter their circumstances or social standing, are entitled to basic human rights and freedoms. These rights are grounded in God’s gracious act in creation (Gen. 1:27), and they are revealed fully in Jesus’s incarnation of divine love. As a church, we will work to protect these rights and freedoms within the church and to reform the structures of society to ensure that every human being can thrive.

As set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other important international treaties, basic rights and freedoms include the right to life, liberty, and security as well as to equal treatment before the law and freedom from unlawful detention. Additional liberties include the rights to fair trial, privacy, public assembly, free expression, democracy, food and shelter."


Reminder to Vote in the Local Election in New Mexico on 11-2-2021

All eligible U.S. Citizens who are residents of New Mexico are encouraged to register to vote in the State of New Mexico using their current home address and to vote in the upcoming Regular Local Election on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. U.S. Citizens can use the state government website, to view sample ballots, to file an online application for an Absentee Ballot (to vote by U.S. Mail), find locations and hours for Early Voting sites, and find directions to your local polling place, on

Please pray for wisdom and discernment for all people when voting in any election anywhere. Please pray for our Church, and the leaders of our schools, city, county, state, nation and world.

Social Concerns Committee

Church and Society

Living Faith. Seeking Justice. Pursuing Peace

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