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Youth Memorial Scholarships 2021

Every year at Baccalaureate, the Youth Ministry has the great honor of awarding five Memorial Scholarship. Each scholarship has specific criteria that reflect the life and character of the person they represent and are awarded to outstanding high school graduates, who are a part of the life of St John’s, and who possess these similar qualities.


Nick Thompson grew in his and life and faith at St John’s, going through the 2007 Confirmation Class. He attended Bosque School where he was devoted to the soccer team and his Atlas AYSO team. In his relationships, he was faithful, dedicated, honest and caring day in and day out. When you think of a person that demonstrates being a good Christian, these are the same qualities. Nick was the kind of person that didn’t feel the need to attend youth group and worship services to demonstrate his faith. Instead, Nick lived the kind of life that makes a person a follower of Christ. Nick always enjoyed serving others. Nick will be remembered for his famous hugs and goofy faces that could lift the weight of the world off your shoulders. This scholarship is in memory of a young man that was taken from us much too soon, but whose example of how we should treat each other and live our lives as true Christians, will live on in each of those that he touched. This scholarship is given to the senior who is active, or not active, in the youth group that shows friendship, sincerity, and respect to all those they encounter.


Mary Karen Janes died suddenly on March 23, 1998, from a stroke caused by complications from a hereditary blood clotting disorder. She was 16. Mary Karen was the Sonrise Choir President and one of two youth representatives on the committee planning that year's M&M trip. She helped write the script for that trip, which was later dedicated to her memory. Her folks describe Mary Karen as being stubborn, messy, humorous, outspoken, articulate, compassionate and committed to fairness and justice, which helped her and her partner take third place in the state policy debate tournament two weeks before her death. The Mary Karen Scholarship honors a graduating senior who demonstrates compassion, who speaks their mind reasonably and with love, and who isn’t afraid to question the hows, the whys, and the boundaries.


Francis (“Frankie”) Hargis grew up in St. John’s United Methodist Church as a smart and curious little boy who began his learning at the church’s preschool with his little sister, Rosalia Hargis, and by participating in Vacation Bible School. Frankie’s grandparents, Anthony and Norma Argo, are dedicated and long-time members of St. John’s who raised Frankie’s mother, Amy Martino, at the church. Frankie attended Eldorado High School though his Senior year before his death in September 2019. In addition to his brilliant mind, Frankie was creative, artistic and musical. He could play guitar, piano, and any instrument he took a notion to explore. He loved creating short videos with Legos and his Bionicles as a kid. His gift for storytelling spread from his childhood into his teenage years where he weaved his imagination into video games that he played and designed. He dreamt of following this talent for stories into film and directing. All who loved Frankie want to honor the memory of a young man who respected people for who they wanted to be without judgment. This scholarship is for any senior, active or not active in youth group, who exemplifies the kind, open minded, and gentle spirit of Frankie.


Kevin Shirley was 17 and a junior at Manzano High School when he was killed with two of his best friends, Matt Hunt, and Luis Garcia, who were shot to death coming home from a party on a quiet neighborhood street in the mountains east of Albuquerque. Kevin never knew a stranger and never judged anyone for their appearance. He was loved for his humor, his kindness, and his total loyalty to those that he cared about. He is remembered for his ability to treat everyone equally. He loved soccer, his family, and his friends. Kevin battled all his life with Attention Deficit Disorder, which made learning a real challenge, but he was able to raise his GPA to a 3.0 and graduation was eminent. Through all those years of struggling to sit still in Sunday School, youth choir, and UMYF, he was nurtured by faithful teachers and UMYF counselors to become a "fully devoted follower of Christ." The Kevin Shirley Memorial Scholarship is presented by his family and maternal grandmother to honor a St. John’s senior who has overcome adversity in their lives to become “fully devoted followers of Christ.”


Mark Barnhart grew up at St. John's and was an exceptional good student in his academics. He was a very intense young man and wanted to be the best at what he did. Mark had many questions about our faith and fortunately was surrounded by many people at St. John’s and MYF who could discuss and answer his questions and who always planted seeds directing him to make the important decision of his life--to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. After Mark's death, the Barnhart family wanted to use the money and support they had received to set up a memorial for Mark to honor a graduate living their faith. They established the Mark Barnhart Memorial Scholarship Fund to recognize a senior who consistently shows themselves to be a Christian in all situations, and who makes an impact on the lives of others.

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