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My St. John's Church Profile

St. John's recently began using a new church management software called Church Community Builder. Church Community Builder is not only how we manage the operations of the church, it is also where your Church Profile is located. A Church Profile is the method used by St. John's to house information about you and your family, and your giving. It allows you to update information about yourself to keep the church up-to-date. When you login to your Church Profile you can enter and change your contact information, add family members, set up your communication preferences and enter personal information such as your birthday. Once you access your Church Profile, you will also be able to see and manage your giving, see your involvement in church services, classes and groups, sign up for volunteer opportunities, and communicate with members of groups you are a part of (like Bible Studies, Sunday School classes, and social groups). Church Community Builder and Church Profiles were chosen as our new system by our leadership as a way to bring the church community together and keep us connected.

Learn More About Our App and our Church Management System: Church Community Builder

How Do I Login to My Church Profile for the First Time?

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Contact the Church to Receive an Activation Email.  If you have never signed in to your church profile before, contact the church office so we can send you an Activation Email and you can login. The Activation Email will be titled “New Login Created”. When you login to your church profile for the first time, you will create a username and password so you can access your account again in the future. For most users, your username will be the email you have given the church to contact you.

How to Contact the Church Office: Call the church office at (505) 883-9717 or email receptionist Joy Heaviland at to request to login into your Community Church Builder (CCB) profile for the first time. Joy will then send you an Activation Email. If you prefer, Joy can also create a username and password for you and send you the login credentials. 

How Do I Login Once My Username and Password Have Been Created?

It’s a good idea to visit your profile regularly to see our church calendar, keep track of when you’re volunteering and connect with groups you are involved in. To login to your church profile, go to our Church Community Builder website: Enter the username and password you created and click Login. If you need help accessing or updating your profile, please contact our receptionist Joy at

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Get Instructions for Using Your Church Profile

Click the button below to download a PDF with step-by-step instructions on how to login to your Church Profile, access your involvement, and update information. This document also includes Frequently Asked Questions about your profile, how the information in your profile is used, and about Church Community Builder, our church management system. 

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