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First Harvest of the Garden Ministry

In the past two weeks, Chef Tim has been so excited harvesting the first herbs and vegetables from Tim’s Herb Garden on the east side of St. John’s! So far we’ve used fresh cilantro for a quiche for HopeWorks, and this past Sunday for Community of Hope we harvested fresh dill, sage, parsley, Swiss chard, and yellow onion for the following dishes, (fresh garden ingredients in green):

  • Creamy Cucumber Dill Salad

  • Green Chile Cornbread and Bacon Egg Strata with Onion, Swiss chard and Parsley

  • Sage Rice Pilaf with Parsley

Many thanks to Melody Ellenberger for planting the herbs and Regina Hampton for planting the onions and some parsley. And a huge thank you to Jay Mason and St. John’s custodian Damian Cuaron for creating a new irrigation system for the raised beds of Tim’s Herb Garden so that we have automatic water!

The Garden Ministry is looking for volunteers to help with watering, weeding, general upkeep and harvesting of the gardens. Please contact Chef Tim at or call 505-883-9717 x 141 if you can help!

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