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Lent Refection Day 3: Faith

Pastor Tiffany Hollums decided that each day during Lent, she would choose a word to prayerfully reflect upon. A volunteer suggested reading the lectionary texts and then choosing a word that stood out from those passages. She is sharing those reflections here and hopes to inspire our readers to join in her journey.


  • Psalm 51

  • Jonah 4:1-11

  • Romans 1:8-17


Paul talks about being encouraged by others faith in his letter to the Romans, which is such an important thing to remember: our faith can truly have an impact on others who are watching. It might seem that nobody is watching how you face situations in your life but think about how you watch others: how do they react in the face of great difficulties? Think about those rare instances when you’ve seen someone stand strong in the midst of hard situations.


It is that confidence that holds you steady in the middle of the craziness of life.

It is a knowing that though all might give way-Christ is your stay.

It is not based on situations, circumstances or common opinion but on the steadiness of God.

This is what the world is searching to see lived out in God’s children: faith that is centered on Christ, not our ever changing circumstances.

  • Do you long to have this sort of faith? Ask God to give you the gift of faith.

  • Who is someone you’ve seen face great uncertainty or pain with faith? If you can, talk to them about their faith and seek to learn from them.

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