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Lent Reflections Day 24: Fruit

Pastor Tiffany Hollums decided that each day during Lent, she would choose a word to prayerfully reflect upon. A volunteer suggested reading the lectionary texts and then choosing a word that stood out to her from those passages. Tiffany is sharing her Lenten reflections here and hopes to inspire our readers to join in her journey.


  • Psalm 146

  • Isaiah 42:14-21

  • Colossians 1:9-14


Whether we realize it or not, people are always watching. They are waiting to see if what we say that we believe is lived out in our lives. It seems like a heavy burden, but it is reality: do we bear fruit or not?

Fruit grows slowly and with time and care. A fruit tree can’t just decide one day to grow fruit, even though it can seem to us to happen over night. There was a slow and steady work up to the fruit. This is how it is with our lives and faith. We bear fruit from a daily walk with Christ. It’s the time we spend with him that others don’t see that causes fruit to grow. We can’t MAKE it happen-it is the work of the Holy Spirit….but we can keep the soil ready for the growing.

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