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Lent Reflections Day 7: One

Pastor Tiffany Hollums decided that each day during Lent, she would choose a word to prayerfully reflect upon. A volunteer suggested reading the lectionary texts and then choosing a word that stood out from those passages. She is sharing those reflections here and hopes to inspire our readers to join in her journey.


  • Psalm 32

  • Exodus 34:1-9, 27-28

  • Matthew 18:10-14


The shepherd will leave the 99 to search for the one. The one that leaves the group. The one that is vulnerable and alone-away from the safety of a flock. The shepherd leaves the many to look and search for the one. It really doesn’t make much ‘shepherdly’ sense, but Jesus is saying that YOU matter to God. God isn’t about the numbers or the rationality of staying with the many…God loves and cares deeply about YOU.

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