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Women's Bible Study Via Zoom: "Pursued, God's Relentless Love for You"

  • July 19 - August 23 (6 weeks) - ZOOM Monday afternoons, 1 - 3 p.m.

  • Maximum number for class is 11

  • Facilitator: Karen Tidler

  • Register by emailing

We all want to be loved. We long to be desired, pursued. It’s the story of many of our lives, and it’s the story we see throughout the Scriptures. Although the Bible tells many stories, the main theme is God’s relentless love for us. In Pursued, we will see that God passionately pursues people who do not deserve His love, and we are those people! We will explore God’s love as evidenced in the stories of creation, the patriarchs, the judges and prophets, Jesus, and the early church. Together we will dive into a great love story and discover that it is our story!

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